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A coating for every purpose

Ceramic coating is ideal for protecting your vehicles paint. The ceramic coating is usually applied after a complete paint correction job has been completed on your car. At House of Tint we offer ceramic coating services for your car, truck, SUV, and Motorcycle. Call us today at 562-474-8818  to schedule your ceramic coating application on your vehicle. We use the very best ceramic products in the market and offer the best experience and performance. Getting a ceramic coating on your cars paint in Southern California doesn’t have to be difficult.

What can I protect with a Ceramic Coating?

Coatings are very popular for cars, trucks, suv’s, motorcycles, and even Marine surfaces. Depending on what you are looking to protect, we have solutions for clear coat based paints, as well as Gelcoat based paints for marine and watercraft.

Along with the exterior surfaces of your vehicle as well as tires and rims, we have solutions to protect the interior of your car. We have leather and vinyl protection as well as plastic, and glass.

Ceramic Coatings

Aero eramic coatings bring together the highest quality German ingredients and a reduced solvent structure that produes truly world-class results.

Using cutting edge Nano Hexagonal Matrix Technology, in conjunction with unsurpassed levels of SiO2, AERO ceramic coatings will give you a lifetime of rich, deep gloss while protecting your investment from UV fade, scratches and environmental damages for up to 9 years.

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"AERO Diamond"
"AERO Velocity"
"AERO Diamond"
"AERO Velocity"
"AERO Shield Diamond"
"AERO Velocity"
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