Deluxe car detailing package for the interior and exterior of your vehicle. If you need a basic detail service that covers the inside and outside of your car with all the convenience and look of a full car detail then this is the car detailing package for you.  This is our most popular and recommended wash. You will have your car spotless with a wash and machine wax plus interior vacuum and detail wipe using our soft cloth microfiber towels


Exterior Hand Wash & Dry

Tire Shine

Door Jambs and Panels

Interior Vacuum

Interior Wipe Down

Exterior Clay Bar & Contamination Removal

High Quality Wax

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We begin with our signature hand wash using a microfiber wash mitt to reduce marring. Tires, wheel faces, wheel wells get brushed and dressed with a natural satin shine. Door jambs are thoroughly cleaned. Interior Vacuum is performed on  full carpeted surface including rear deck. After, the interior is cleaned thoroughly with microfiber towels. Next  a chemical decontamination is performed to remove any iron particles that are embedded in the paint as well as a mechanical decontamination (clay bar treatment). We will also perform a bug and tar removal if needed, followed by a machine wax for added shine and protection. Exhaust tips are polished to a shine. 

Additional Services

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Window Film Removal


Debadging/ Emblem Removal


Clay Bar / Decontamination


Overspray Removal


Carpet & Steam Cleaning


Door Edge Protection


Smoked Tail Light


Headlight Restoration


Ceramic Coatings


Paint Correction


High Quality Wax