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Detail Service

Running a car through a car wash might wash the dirt off of it, but it doesn’t keep the car in pristine condition like a thorough detail. Unlike a car wash, detailing not only keeps a car clean, but it also protects a car’s paint and interior. Detailing is important because it extends the life of a vehicle and helps it maintain its maximum resale value. A Regular professional detailing will help customers enjoy and add value to their cars.


We have a full service detailing facility to deliver Amazing Results Guaranteed. Paint polishing and waxing, carpet and upholstery cleaning.  You can also pick and choose the services from our Add-Ons section and customize our services to your needs.  

Detail  Packages

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   Hand Wash 

   Towel Dry

   Window Cleaning 

   Wheel Scrub

   Tire Dressing



Window Film Removal

Emblem Removal

Vinyl Removal

PPF Removal

Decontamination Overspray Removal

Pet Hair Removal

Hydrophobic Protection

Aero Black Diamond

Aero Fusion Carnuba Wax

Aero Flight Sealant

Aero Flight 4 in 1


Carpet Shampoo

Seat Shampoo

Headlight Restoration

Interior Wipe Down


Quick Detailer

Engine Compartment

Paint Correction

Stage 1 Deep Scratch Stage 2 Medium Scratch Stage 3 Light Scratch Hard Water Stain

Color Sanding

Protective Films

Door Edge

Door Cup

Rear Bumper Ledge

Smoked Tail Lights


Ceramic Coatings

4 Yr Warranty (1 Coating)

7 Yr Warranty (2 Coatings)

9 Yr Warranty (3Coatings)



Fabric & Carpet


Leather & Trim

Products Used

AERO began in Long Beach, California over 30 years ago as a local car wash and detailer by our founder and CEO, Jonathan Saltman.  With his passion for airplanes and cars, he earned his pilots license at the age of thirteen. Thus, expanding his business of auto detailing into aircraft as well. 


International AERO built it's reputation as one of the largest private airplane detailers globally winning the prestigious "Vendor of the Year" award from Gulfstream Aerospace Corporation for it's dedication to excellence.

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