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Vinyl Works

There are many ways vinyl can be applied on our day to day lives. Every time we go outside there are signs  banners and cool looking cars rolling by. While there may be some people that want to completely change the look of their car, others may be looking for mobile advertisement. Whatever your need may be, let us help you find the vinyl that will work for you. 

Vinyl Applications

Color Change

purple tesla vinyl.jpg

Best Look For You

Full Prints

Full prints _edited.jpg

Promote Your Business

Store Fronts

store front _edited.jpg

Better Foot Traffic

Chrome Delete

chrome delete _edited.jpg

Tone It Down

Smoked Tail Lights

smoket tail lights vinyl page.jpg

Smoked Out

Roof Wraps

roof wrap_edited.jpg

3D Carbon Fiber

Hood Wraps



Racing Strips

racing strips_edited.jpg

Fast Furry


black flag overlay_edited.jpg



After getting their car wrapped, many people forget about the maintenance that is required to keep that vinyl wrap looking great. At House of Tint we have maintenance packages available to help your car look like it did the day it got wrapped. Check out our Detail PLUS page and choose from five packages available or mix and match from any of our +Add-Ons. 

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