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Paint Protection Film
-Clear Bra-

   Ever since 2005, we've have had the opportunity to work with various Paint Protection Films. Back in those days installations were a more serious matter. In one way or another the films were in need of a little help, some films were very sticky, others wouldn't stick at all, some were as clear as glass and others grainy as orange peel. We had to learn to work  with all brands every time the manufacturer would release a new generation of film. Now a days every New film manufacturer has it's own line of paint protection film, it seems as if they are all copies of a copy that still do not properly work.
From the many years we've been working with Paint Protection Film we've come to trust three brands. The three brands we've enjoyed working with most are Xpel Ultimate Plus, 3M Pro Series and Llumar Platinum Plus. We can say that you cannot go wrong with these brands due to their excellent performance. We will continue to use and install these great products as long as the manufacturers keep making them better.  

Partial Paint Protection Installation
Pre-cut Patterns

Partial Coverage

When you buy a new car,  the last thing you want is for the new paint to start chipping because of all the road debris and gravel trucks in the highway.  This package is great for first time PPF  customers. 

Full Front End PPF Installation
Custom Patterns

Front End Coverage

Most of our customers understand that  although partial coverage is great  for a daily driver, they want extended coverage for fun in the track or the occasional long road trips.

Full PPF Installation-Tesla X
Full Vehicle Wraps

Full Vehicle Coverage

Our Full  Vehicle Wraps  are for the more serious car enthusiast and for those customers who are looking to hold on to the value of their vehicle for as long as they can.

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3M Pro Series PPF-House of Tint
Llumar Platinum PPF-House of tint
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