Heat Rejection Window Films 


    You've tried mini-blinds. You've tried energy efficient appliances. And you still have high energy bills. Well, now it’s time to try something that actually works. Window tint! Window film is the single most important upgrade that any homeowner can do to their home to effectively reduce energy costs. Don't waste money on other upgrades that do not effectively reduce your energy bill. Window film prolongs the life of your AC unit and all the items inside your home that are exposed to the sun's UV rays. Window tint is the best upgrade that all home owners should have installed in their homes. With the money you will be saving on future energy bills, window tint pays for itself. There is no place like home, so protect your home today with window tint from House of Tint™.

                Why Tint Your Home?


  • Decreases Heat - Substantially reduces inside temperatures

  • Reduces Health Risk - Prevents exposure to violent UV rays

  • Cuts Electricity Cost - Reduces heat, allowing cooler temperatures

  • Increases Safety - Holds glass together during an accident

  • Eliminates Annoying Glare - Reflects sunlight, effectively reducing glare

  • Enhances Appearance - Completes the exterior look on any application

          Residential Films Available:

  • Natural / Neutral Films

  • Bronze Films

  • Silver Reflecting Films

  • Dual Reflecting Films

  • Premium Ceramic Film

  • Architectural Films (blue, green, gold, grey)

  • Speciality Films (UV clear, white frost, white out, black out)

  • Clear Safety Film (Accidental Breakage Protection)

"Faded floors are the most common problem among home owners"

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Frost, Decorative & Design

Protect Your BIGGEST Investment From Unwanted Guests!

Safety and Security Window Films

Life can be unpredictable; these films are reliable home defense.


Thin, clear and barely detectible, our protective range of safety and security films can stand up to all kinds of rough treatment. Trust them to help safeguard the people and possessions you value most against break-ins, vandalism, accidents, and nature’s dangerous whims.

After decades of mirroring national downward trends in violent crime, California saw a 12% increase from 2014 to 2017, while the violent crime rate in the other 49 states together increased only 3%, the analysis showed. In 2014, California voters approved a ballot measure that reduced sentences for many low-level drug and property crimes.
After national crime data for 2017 released this fall showed California departed from the national trend — violent crime in California ticked up slightly while it fell slightly across the 49 other states taken together — researchers said they planned to revisit the question of a link between Proposition 47 and violent crime. California’s robbery rate jumped 14% from 2014 to 2017; the rest of the country saw a 7% drop.
As you can see on this video, homes get burglarized everywhere in the country and California is not the exemption.
The burglar's favorite homes to target are the homes which are adjacent to industrial areas, freeways and river beds. The home in the video happens to be located on not only one, but two burglar preferred areas.
Most home owners believe that cameras and alarm systems are enough to give them peace of mind and keep them safe. Truth is, burglars can be in your home within seven seconds according to the video.
Safety film is a laminate used to improve post-failure performance of existing windows. Applied to the interior or exterior face of glass, Safety Film holds the fragments of broken glass together in one sheet, thus reducing the projectile hazard of flying glass fragments. Safety Film is essentially a fragment reduction film, since the methodology behind this hazard mitigation technique is focused upon retaining glass fragments resulting from blast overpressures or impact by an object. Safety Film is often used to protect airports, transportation venues, government facilities, and other buildings vulnerable to attack.

Safety And Security Window Films

Strong, clear protection for property values and peace of mind.


Our safety and security films may be barely noticeable, but they help reduce the effects of all kinds of rough treatment such as break-ins, vandalism, accidents, and even nature’s dangerous whims. They’re designed to strengthen and help protect vulnerable windows, doors and more, preserving an attractive exterior appearance.

We’ve engineered this range of films for strength, with a heavy-duty polyester that’s bonded to surfaces using strong adhesives. Once installed, safety and security film steadfastly shields against unwelcome surprises. Trust it to maintain the physical integrity of your property and your confidence in security, too.


Types of Glass

Tempered Glass is manufactured through a process of extreme heating and rapid cooling, tempered glass is much harder and stronger than normal glass. When tempered glass breaks, it breaks into small pebble shaped pieces like a car’s windshield after an accident.

Annealed Glass, sometimes called standard glass is a softer glass that has been thermally treated and then slowly cooled to relieve any internal stresses. Annealed glass tends to break into longer, jagged shards which can cause significant injury.


Attachment System

There are several types of attachment systems used within the window film industry. An attachment system is a method to help hold broken glass and film in the window frame during an event. The event can be a bomb blast, windstorm or attempted forced-entry. Type 1 attachments are the best solution for home window frames.
Do you have a front door with side windows and hate having a surprise visitor peeking in the window as they ring your doorbell?
Do you have a big beautiful window over the soaking tub in your master bath that looks over at the neighbor’s house?

Our many decorative window films can help with all of these situations and more. We have a vast array of films that can be subtle and stylish. Window films come in hundreds of colors, frosts and opaque films to choose from. Plus, with our computerized plotter, we can help you with a custom design just for you.


Stone Top Protection Films

Strong, clear protection for property values and peace of mind.

Our stone protection films may be barely noticeable, but they help reduce the effects of all kinds of rough treatment such as chemicals, orange, lemon juice and other acidic liquids that may stain the appearance of your stone tops. They’re designed to protect vulnerable stone surfaces, preserving an attractive appearance for years to come. Stone protective films are made for strength, with a heavy-duty polyester that’s bonded to surfaces using strong semi-permanent adhesives. Once installed, Stone protection films steadfastly shields against unwanted leeks and spills. Trust it to maintain the physical integrity of your Marble, Icestone, and other expensive stone materials.

Acid Stain


Oil Stain


Films Available 




How it works

Contact us to make an appointment. We will provide a small sample and demonstration of our films.

Precise measurements are taken to ensure the best fitment possible.

We take pride in our work and always do our best to minimize the time spent in your home.








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Safety Films

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At House Of Tint we have the experience and know how as to what works best to deter robbers from breaking into your home through any glass window or glass door.