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Residential Window Tint

You've tried mini-blinds. You've tried energy efficient appliances. And you still have high energy bills. Well, now it’s time to try something that actually works. Window tint! Window film is the single most important upgrade that any homeowner can do to their home to effectively reduce energy costs. Don't waste money on other upgrades that do not effectively reduce your energy bill. Window film prolongs the life of your AC unit and all the items inside your home that are exposed to the sun's UV rays. Window tint is the best upgrade that all home owners should have installed in their homes. With the money you will be saving on future energy bills, window tint pays for itself. There is no place like home, so protect your home today with window tint from House of Tint™.

Comfort When Needed

After the recent changes in work conditions, some of us were lucky to work from home, but we soon found out that our homes can get pretty hot during the summer months. Some homes can get hotter than others depending on the direction they face the sun. At the end of the day we want to relax and watch a movie but the annoying glare coming from the windows makes it almost impossible to enjoy our time off. 

At House of Tint we offer a variety of film products that can be installed in a timely fashion and deliver lifestyle benefits without costing a fortune.

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Decorative Films

Decorative films can be applied to glass in your home or office to add a finishing touch or complement your current style. 

Blackout Films

Blackout and White Frost films are the number one choice when maximum privacy is the goal. This films are excellent for home theaters, meeting rooms, storage areas and more. 


One Way Mirror

Reflective films offer the highest level of heat rejection and add an amazing look to your windows. There are several levels of reflection and colors to chose from. 

Custom Design

At House of Tint we can help you with special projects. We will work with you in bringing your ideas and give them a visual aspect.

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Colored Specialty Films

Some projects requires a touch of vibrance and liveliness. For these projects we can provide colorful films that will make any living space or office area pop with cheer. 

Residential Gallery

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