Time Line

1990-1991 Worked as apprentice for a family friend at a shop in South Gate.
1992-1998  Met the fastest and cleanest window tinter (Enrique Madrigal)  and had the honor to be taught by him. Started my first real job working at "The Tint Shop" in Santa Fe Springs, Whittier and Rosemead. 
1998-2002  Began learning graphic design at Whittier Tint Shop. Began tinting mostly European makes and models. Got introduced to Paint Protection Film. Fist time working with Llumar window films.
2002-2003 Got a job at "Sun Screen Specialties" and endured two long weeks of training with the most meticulous tinter ever (Gil Guerra) who taught me to remove door panels for a much detailed install. started working with dealerships (Mckenna Motors) and many others in LA and Orange county.
2003-2004 Worked for Anaheim Tint Shop for a short time. 
2004-2005 Formed my first company, "MASS Mobile, Inc". with my good friend Noah Iniguez.
2005-2010 Second company as self proprietor, "Premier Professional Window Tint was born. My best learning experience. Obtained my first big account with McKenna Motors (after Sun Screen Specialties went out of business.) 
2010-2018 Founded "Ex***me Auto***ks" With first partner. Ended up being sabotaged by second partner.
2015-2016 "Founded House of Tint" in Hacienda Heights.    
2018-Present. Established House of Tint with my eldest daughter in the city of Cerritos.                             

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